Alsace, France
AOC Pasteurized Cow 
*Unpasteurized may be used in countries where it is allowed*

1 Wheel - approximately 1/2 lb

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A washed rind, soft-ripening cheese originally made by the Alsatian monks of Munster Abbey. The word Munster is derived from the local dialect for "monastery". Only a handful of dairies continue to make Munster in the traditional way. Not for the faint of heart, this cheese can be rather pungent in smell and flavor. As a young cheese though, it is rather odorless and mild, firm and supple. As it ages, the smell develops and the cheese becomes creamier. It is at the later developmental stages that this cheese is most desired. Do not confuse this Munster with American Muenster, or German Münster. Alsatian Munster stands alone. Grab a crusty baguette, a crisp white wine and indulge!