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Normandy, France

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Washed rind cheeses are known for being stinky, and Pont-l'Évêque is no exception. In its younger days, its potency is not so obvious, but with age, its taste, odor and appearance fully mature.

Perhaps one of the oldest Norman cheeses that is still in production, this cheese has a long history among the French, and is still one of their most popular cheeses. A document dating back to the 12th century references this cheese as being a necessity at the dinner table.

As a young cheese, Pont-l'Évêque has a whitish colored rind. As it ages, it begins to turn shades of orange and gets sticky. Inside, the once smooth pâté becomes riddled with holes. The taste becomes stronger, more complex but maintains hints of lingering sweetness.

This is a great "bridging" cheese. Want to try something a bit stronger than you are used to without totally blowing your taste buds? This is the cheese you are looking for!