Savannah Bee Company 100% Pure Honeycomb

Savannah Bee Company 100% Pure Honeycomb


100% Edible All Natural Honeycomb

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“I know in Tuscany they eat honeycomb with Gorgonzola Dolce, and with Tuscan pecorino cheeses. Cheese shops recommend salty, nutty cheeses like Piave and the harder Sardinian cheeses with honeycomb. I like the honeycomb on a slice of baguette with some very creamy Blue Cheese (St. Agur) or a sharp White Cheddar (Old Quebec). I also like it with goat cheeses, and on tart apple slices. Try our honeycomb in a hot biscuit or fresh bread - by itself or with a cheese of your choice. Blend it into a hot sweet potato. Be creative.”

-Ted Dennard
Founder of Savannah Bee Company.

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