The Tasmanian Honey Company Genuine Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey

The Tasmanian Honey Company Genuine Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey


1 Can- 12.3 oz

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For 25 years, the Tasmanian Honey Company has been collecting honey from the pristine wilderness of South-Western Tasmania, a remote Australian island state that sits between the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Every year, the bees are taken into the rain forest by special rail car, where they find the white flower of the leatherwood tree. The staff camps with their bees on the wild western shore from January - March, where the cleanest air and water nurture the world’s most primitive rain forests.

Leatherwood trees don’t bloom before they are 75 years old, and the best bloomers are between 100-200 years old. Each year, the company has to petition the government for permission, and even though it is a World Heritage site, logging and wildfires encroach on the trees, putting this precious honey in peril. The international Slow Food movement has put the Leatherwood Honey in their collective Ark of Taste with the objective of preserving it and raising awareness about this special food.

University of Sydney studies say this unique honey has 2-3 times more antioxidants than most Australian honey, and can be ranked among the highest in the world. This honey has also been observed to be active against Staphylococcal infections!

Unlike many other honeys, this honey has not been filtered or heated, so it comes to you just as it is found in the rain forest; the pure, natural flavors intact, and a fine candied texture. If you prefer your honey liquid, simply sit the tin in hot water until the contents clear. It is an intense monofloral (not blended) with a musky and spicy frangrance and unusual piquant flavor. Excellent with cheese!

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