TIBVRTINI Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015

TIBVRTINI Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015


1 Bottle- 16.9 oz

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Pictured on the label of the extra virgin olive oil is a hand rake is used to pull the olives from the trees during the late fall harvest.

TIBVRTINI is the only commercially available olive oil from the growing region in the hills of Tivoli (ancient city of Tibvr) just east of Rome.

It is in Tibvr that the Emperor Hadrian built his extensive villa, Villa Adriano. The land of the two olive oil growing estates (Lolli di Lusignano and Bulgarini) this oil is made from is on the ancient property and ruins of Villa Adriana.

TIBVRTINI begins with a gentle grassy taste which opens to an artichoke, almond, and aromatic olive flavor. It finishes with a peppery bite.

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