Carr's Assorted Biscuits for Cheese

Carr's Assorted Biscuits for Cheese


1 Box - 30 Crackers

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The humble table water cracker first came to light in the early 19th century as a challenge to “hard tack”, an extremely tough biscuit designed to last on long sea voyages. The biscuit, made simply with water and flour, was an elegant alternative and quickly gained in popularity. In 1831 Jonathan Dodgeson Carr opened a small bakery in Carlisle, England, which quickly became renowned for its biscuits. In 1841 Carr’s was granted a Royal Warrant of Appointment by Queen Victoria, an honor still held to this day. Carr’s began exporting to America in 1892, and remains one of the most popular brands on either side of the pond.

Assorted crackers are:

-Oyster Cracker
-Small Wheatmeal
-Small Table Water
-Cornish Wafer
-Oblong Table Water
-Bran Carlton
-Choice Grain
-Cream Cracker