Vilux Champagne Vinegar

Vilux Champagne Vinegar


1 Bottle- 25.5 fl oz

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Champagne vinegar is smooth and not at all harsh tasting. It is very light, flavorful, and echoes the flavors you might find in Champagne, along with a woody element from the oak barrel aging.

Use it in salad dressings as it is milder than most vinegars, so just a touch of oil and a pinch of sugar will create a delightful tasting vinaigrette. Use it in tomato sauces. Ever notice how much flavor a splash of wine can add to your spaghetti sauce? Well, the same is true for vinegar, and champagne vinegar does so without any harsh bite. Use it to make French sauces that call for vinegar including bernaise sauce and beurre blanc sauce.

Make a marinade with olive oil, champagne vinegar and herbs for your next chicken recipe. Vinegar is a great meat tenderizer and champagne vinegar adds mellow flavor as well.

It marries well with fish and seafood. Everything from fish filets to oysters get along great with champagne vinegar. A staple in the well rounded pantry! Made in France.

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