Burrata (Domestic)

Burrata (Domestic)


California, United States 
Pasteurized Cow 

1 ball- 4 oz.

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Our domestic Burrata is produced right here in southern California and made in the traditional Italian style. Similar in shape to Mozzarella, it comes to us in 4oz. balls packaged in their own whey for freshness. If you've never had Burrata, imagine a ball of fresh cow's milk Mozzarella that's had cream injected into its center. That cream gives Burrata its signature luxurious texture. Delicious on its own, with a simple drizzle of olive oil, in a tomato salad or served on top of melon wrapped with prosciutto for bite size appetizers. This very fresh, young stringy cheese can also be used to change up a pizza, or make an everyday sandwich luscious.