Talatta Brand Anchovy Fillet

Talatta Brand Anchovy Fillet


3.3 oz jar

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Talatta means ‘Mediterranean sea’, and the best anchovies are salted as quickly as possible after harvesting from the lovely sea. Talatta follows the most authentic of conservative artisanal traditions, in Sciacca, Sicily, dating back to the 17th century.

The fish are caught off the island of Pantelleria between May and August, when they come closer to the surface and the coast to lay their eggs, and when they are at their full flavored and fatty best. Salted and slowly aged in barrels for 6-8 months before being filleted and packaged, the utmost care goes into every jar of these delicious savory treats.

The backbone of Caesar dressing and Puttanesca sauce, these anchovies are an indispensable savory delicacy!

Anchovy fillets in pure olive oil.

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