Domenico's Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Pomodori Secchi)

Domenico's Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Pomodori Secchi)


1 Jar - 16 fl oz

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Our beloved Dominick makes these wonderful sun-dried tomatoes himself, and they are truly better than any we’ve tried. The tomatoes are vine-dried on his grandfather’s cousin’s farm in Campobasso, Italy, and are shipped to Dominick here in Beverly Hills. That’s where the magic begins!

Dominick marinates them in his grandfather’s family recipe: a blend of extra virgin olive oil, garlic, more garlic and herbs. They add zing to any sandwich or salad, and are great tossed into your favorite pasta recipe. We like to serve them with a bit of goat cheese on a sliced baguette for a simple hors d’oeuvre. Your guests will not be able to get enough!

Ingredients: imported sun-dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, and Italian herbs

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