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These very popular evenings sell out quickly - so, if you can't attend (or you want to refresh your memory) - come back here and listen to the podcast and shop for the savories you missed!

Tony and Norbert have been enthusiastically sharing the how's and why's of pairing the world's most magical combo for, oh, a couple of decades now! Our events are fun and casual and very informative. It's fine to come by yourself, or book a table for your closest peeps.

The annual schedule runs February - November but the monthly invitations are sent by email, so if you'd like to receive them, send us an email to with Add Me To Your Tasting List in the subject line.

See you at the Tastings!

Cheese and Wine Tastings

14th Annual Holiday Spectacular

Dear Tasters,

We are here, at the end of our tasting calendar looking around in
wonder at how quickly we got too? We thought so!

For everyone, a reminder of our cancellation policy: please let us know 48 hours in advance of the tasting if you or anyone in your party are unable to attend to avoid being charged for your seats. And if you are the leader of your pack and your guests are unfamiliar with the cancellation policy,
please inform them. Remember, the seats are like theater seats!

If you haven't attended our end-of-year tastings before, they are a little different from the rest of the year: not so location focused, more your graduation party from a year of grueling tasting school. We'll have Champagne, lovely Kermit Lynch wines, and foods you might like to
serve for your holiday entertaining...a warmup for you, if you will!



November Tasting Invitation

14th Annual Holiday Spectacular*
(*yes, we're skipping a floor, like an elevator)

Wednesday November 13th 7:00-9:00pm
Thursday November 14th 7:00-9:00pm

$100.00 per person

Credit Card required for reservations
48 hr cancellation notice or you will be charged for your seats!

Please call 310.278.2855 to make your reservation
Email to:
Include the following information:

Your name (and the leader of your pack, if you have one):
Number of Guests: (include yourself in the count)
Daytime Phone Number:

Do not send credit card information via email. It is not secure!
We will use your card information if it is on file, and if it is not, we will contact you directly.

Location: The Patio at Sharkey's Mexican Grill
435 N. Beverly Dr. Alley Entrance

Free valet parking will be provided in the alley.

We look forward to seeing you!
Norbert, Tony, and everyone at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

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“Sgt. Palmina’s Italiany Hearts Club Band” Featuring Italian varietals grown at Palmina Winery in California’s Central Coast & Italian Cheeses
“Magical Mystery Tour” Roll up for an Austrian starter, 3 flights from Tisza River Wines in Hungary & Central European Cheeses
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“The 8th Annual Holiday Spectacular”
October 2008 Monterey County Wines & California Artisanal Cheeses
September 2008 The Wines and Cheeses of Tuscany & Umbria and The Annual Olive Oil
August 2008 Tough Times Tasting: All American Cheeses and Worldly Wines
July 2008 Summer Sparklers and Cheeses From Northern France, Normandy and Brittany
“June 2008 Grenaches of the World and their Favorite Cheeses”
“May 2008 The Wines & Cheeses of Southern France”
April 2008 The Wines & Cheeses of Piedmont”
“March 2008 The Wines & Cheeses of Loire Valley”
February 2008 The Wines & Cheeses of Spain
November 2007 Holiday Spectactular
October 2007 Champagne Tasting

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