Taza 70% Stone Ground Dark Chocolate

Taza 70% Stone Ground Dark Chocolate


1 Bar - 3 oz

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Taza 70% stone ground dark chocolate: their signature bar, handcrafted in small batches from single origin cacao. The 70% dark chocolate bar is downright intense, with bright, complex, and compelling flavors. To bring it all together, they season the chocolate with just a bit of extra cocoa butter and a touch of biodynamic vanilla bean. Taza 70% chocolate is strong yet balanced, and great for everyday enjoyment.

100% USDA certified organic. All chocolates are suitable for eating and drinking!

Founded in 2006, Taza Chocolate was born out of a desire to combine the Mesoamerican tradition of chocolate with a modern, high-quality product manufactured in a socially responsible way.

In 2005, Taza co-founder Alex Whitmore traveled to Oaxaca to steep himself in the history and culture of Mexico. There, he learned about the pre-Columbian ritual of “xocolātl” in Latin America, and the customs that surrounded the transformation of cacao into a drink. Having grown up eating European-style chocolate candy, Alex was surprised and inspired by the simplicity of the Oaxacan treatment of chocolate. Compelled by the traditional method of stone grinding, and minimal processing of the beans, he was moved to start a business dedicated to crafting chocolates in this manner for a US market.

A company with a conscience, Taza Chocolate is sustainable, not just financially but environmentally, and are community focused. The company produces 100% stone ground, organic chocolate using only the best ingredients while compensating growers fairly for their work.