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Recchiuti Confections Chocolates


1 Bar- 3 oz

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Michael Recchiuti had been long testing recipes before he founded Recchiuti Confections, with his wife Jacky, in 1997. The goal of the company is to craft exquisite chocolates by painstakingly selecting each ingredient so as to create the perfect confection. Michael would visit the San Francisco farmers’ market for bundles of fresh lavender, tarragon, and lemon verbena which he’d carefully dry for use in his signature infusions. He made frequent trips to local chocolate manufacturers, trying their latest offerings and deciding if it had the right texture, color, and acidity for a new blend he was working on. He’d meticulously see to it that each step turned those fine ingredients into finer confections, always using traditional European techniques and equipment.


Semisweet Artisan Chocolate Bar - This smooth and complex dark chocolate represents Micheal Recchiuti's ideal flavor profile. Succulent red fruit notes, slight hints of smoky tobacco, and subtle tannins complement each other with a perfect earthy balance.

Almond- Toasted almond pieces are coated in burnt caramel syrup and sea salt and then toasted again before being added, by hand, to the custom semisweet chocolate. The subtle, delicate nut is an ideal complement to the smooth and complex semisweet flavors.

Dark Milk Chocolate 55% Cacao - In this dark, velvety bar milk is used as a medium to discover new flavor profiles within chocolate. This alchemy of milk with chocolate draws out mild cherry notes in the cacao, a creamy texture and a smooth, lingering finish.

Bittersweet Artisan Chocolate Bar - In this subtly sweetened bar there are a variety of blended chocolates to achieve a balance of complexity and highlight the flavor of perfectly roasted Criollo Cacao. While it may be used in baking, it's meant to be eaten and enjoyed on its own.