Coco Suisse Nonpareils

Coco Suisse Nonpareils

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"Born in Switzerland. Made in Los Angeles" 

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Marianne Manes is part of a family of Swiss chocolatiers who have been making sublime truffles and chocolates for three generations. She now lives in Hollywood, California where she and her husband Eric have created "Coco Suisse" to share their passion for Swiss chocolate with the world. They use only the finest chocolate, Piemonte hazelnut gianduja, organic cream, and other top quality ingredients. They consistently make their truffles and chocolates in small batches so you may always enjoy a fresh product without preservatives and chemicals.

The Swiss chocolate used is made from the highest quality beans, bought directly from a variety of international farmers at fair-trade prices.

Nonpareils - Swiss dark chocolate buttons covered with nonpareils.

*Coco Suisse also makes our exclusive Cheese Store of Beverly Hills Dark Chocolate Bar!*

Small Box- approx. 1.44 oz

Large Box- approx. 4.23 oz