Cheese of the Month (6 Months)

Cheese of the Month (6 Months)

40.00 every month for 6 months

Looking for the gift that keeps on giving? You can send our Cheese-Of-The-Month gift in 3 or 6 month versions! We'll theme the gift each month, send your recipient a letter letting them know you've enrolled them, and start sending them cheese the next month. Their gift will ship the first Thursday of every month; they will receive three cheeses, with a little info about each one, and we won't repeat any cheeses during their entire gift cycle. Cheese Heaven!

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Small Portions
3 x 1/2 lb cuts of cheese (serves 2-4) - 3 months $120.00 

3 x 1/2 lb cuts of cheese (serves 2-4) - 6 months $240.00

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