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Jade Chocolates

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Every bar is wrapped in handmade LOKTA PAPER from the mountains of Nepal. It's a self-regenerating plant that grows back every 5-6 years. The harvesting of the LOKTA plant does not effect the ecology of the area and provides a stable income for the people.

Terracotta- 41% cacao milk chocolate with Tamari Almonds and Pink Sea Salt
The legacy of the terracotta warriors is a tribute to China's first emperor who united the feuding states as one country. To honor him, the opposing flavors of salty and sweet come together in harmony.

Genmai- 35% cacao milk chocolate with roasted brown rice, Green Tea and Jasmine Tea
Discover the nutty crunchy pleasure of roasted brown rice in milk chocolate. The long lingering aftertaste of the blended tea is a wonderful surprise.

Kuro Genmai- 62% cacao bittersweet chocolate with roasted brown rice
Celebrate the perfect blend of roasted brown rich inrich bittersweet chocolate. Meticulously chosen for their compatibility, these are two food staples that no one should live without.

Krakatoa- 63% cacao bittersweet chocolate with black pepper and lemongrass
Awaken the sleeping volcano with a burst of flavors from the island of Indonesia. The gentle spice of cracked pepper may be a warning of yet another great explosion.

Dragon's Breath- 65% cacao bittersweet chocolate with roasted sesame seeds, lapsang souchang tea and chili pepper
Unleash the power of the Red Dragon. Crunchy roasted sesame combined with a hint of smoked tea and spice of red chili will warm your palate.

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  1 Bar- Kuro Genmai- 2 oz $6.00


  1 Bar- Krakatoa- 2oz $6.00


  1 Bar- Dragon's Breath- 2oz $6.00


  1 Bar- Terracotta- 2oz $6.00


  1 Bar- Genmai- 2oz $6.00




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