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Fromager D' Affinois

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Rhone-Alpes, France

Often confused with Brie, this decadent double creme is spreadable and delectable.

Though similar in appearance to Brie, D'Affinois goes through an additional process called ultrafiltration during production. Ultrafiltration removes water from the milk which in turnconcentrates all other components. Due to this process, a couple of things happen: 1. The process of cheese making is acceleratedand the cheese is ready to eatin as little astwo weeks.2.Themilk retains more nutrients and proteins.

D'Affinois and Brie also differ in flavor. While Brie is earthy and mushroomy in taste, D'Affinois is sweet and buttery.

An amazing cheese in its own right, D'Affinois is a Cheese Store BH favorite!
For something different pair cheese with cornichons on a crispy baguette. The acidity and tartness of the cornichon is cut by the creamy richness of the cheese and mellowed by the bread. Amazing!

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France Cow 

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