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Weekly Pairing 2/26/2014

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Pinot Noir
La Encantada Vineyard
Santa Rita Hills

Habit Winery makes some of my favorite wines in Santa Barbara county. Winemaker and owner Jeff Fischer transforms wonderful fruit from great vineyards into excellent wines. His Pinot Noir is from La Encantada vineyard, which is one of the coldest sites in the region. Planted in the year 2000 and certified organic, La Encantada fruit is a hot commodity among winemakers.

This Pinot Noir is well crafted and pure, bright in flavor as well as in the nose, and tastes like the great Pinot Noirs from Santa Barbara county used to taste - delicious. Neither over done nor excessively nouveau (it doesn’t have that stem-like taste), itís a truly balanced wine.

Habit only produced about 5 barrels of this Pinot Noir and CSBH is lucky to be one of the few retailers to carry it!

Golden Valley Farm
Chowchilla, CA
$35 per pound

Last week we met a gentleman named Mario, a farmer from Golden Valley Farm in the San Joaquin Valley, who happens to make some of the best sheepís milk cheese I've tasted in a long time. There is a wonderful soft-ripening cheese, a pepato, and a few drier cheeses aged for various amounts of time. Golden Valley Farm delivers their delicious cheeses to us every other week. Come in and try one today!

United States Sheep 

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Habit Chenin Blanc Jurassic Park Vineyard Santa Ynez Valley 2012 $50.00


  1 lb Golden Valley Farm Extra Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese $35.00*


  1/2 lb Golden Valley Farm Extra Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese $17.50*


  1/4 lb Golden Valley Farm Extra Aged Sheep's Milk Cheese $8.75*




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