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Weekly Pairing 7/19/2013

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Corps du Garde

Here’s a wine thatís unusual and a bit unconventional from a small, fairly unknown, region of Burgundy called Saint-Bris, located about 15km outside of Chablis. The grape is fairly unknown as well, even in the area it is grown. Many wines from Saint-Bris tend to be Sauvingon Blanc, but this wine comes from the grape Fie Gris, a predecessor to Sauvingon also known as grey or pink Sauvignon depending on the area it is grown.

Itís a delightful light-bodied wine, which shows delicate floral and fruity aromatics. It is excellent with light charcuterie and cheeses. Goisot is a certified organic and biodynamic estate, widely recognized as the best producers in the area. Their Aligote is not to be missed as well.

St. Marcellin

This wonderful cheese comes to us from Dauphine, just east of the town of Lyon. When young, it is creamy, delicate and a touch nutty and goes great with white wines. As it ages, look more toward red wine to pair it with. This cheese comes in a great little ceramic coupe, which is perfect for olives or nuts at your home bar.

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  Goisot Saint-Bris Corps du Garde 2011 $24.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 round St. Marcellin (2.8 oz) $15.00*




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