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Weekly Pairing 12/3/2012

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Sweet White
$325 for 375 ml

"Rare" is a term much over-used in the wine world. Allocated this and that. Wine clubs speaking of how this is a one shot deal or they're only making this wine once. So often a lie, or a sales tactic! This week, we offer you the real deal.

There was only 1 barrel of this wine made. Moraga, the famed winery owned and created by former Northrup Grumman head Tom Jones, brings the wine country home to Los Angeles. It's crafting a very small production of Cabernet Sauvingon and sauvignon blanc that Jone's offers, and the winemaker, Scott Rich, makes Jone's dream an outstanding reality.

2009 was a troubled vintage and when the Sauvingon Blanc did not ripen and develop as planned, the folks at Moraga got to have a little fun: their first and only sweet wine. Picked on December 11th of that year, this wine naturally has 8% alcohol. It's sweet and rich yet balanced with plenty of apricot and warm spice notes on the palate. Try it with some blue cheese after a cold weather meal.

There are less than 50 cases of half bottles of this unique wonderful wine in the world -- truly rare. We are privileged enough to have a few bottles. Grab this and some cheese to make a special holiday meal that much more memorable.

Gabriel Coulet P'tit cave Roquefort

Salty, sweet, and savory is the best way I can describe this cheese. It is rich without being cloying or overly blue. It is balanced, not too salty, and is unabashedly sheeps milk with its cramy sweetness. In my humble opinion, this is the Rolls-Royce of Roquefort. Try this with some sweet'll be so glad you did.

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  Moraga Sweet White Bel-Air- 375 ml $325.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Gabriel Coulet P'tit Cave Roquefort $40.00*


  1/2 lb Gabriel Coulet P'tit Cave Roquefort $20.00*


  1/4 lb Gabriel Coulet P'tit Cave Roquefort $10.00*




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