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Weekly Pairing 7/30/2012

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Sergio Mottura
Poggio Della Costa

This week's wine, made by Cantine Sergio Mottura, is wonderful country wine produced in Viterbo, a commune of Lazio, about 80km north of Rome. It is made from the Grechetto grape variety that is a native of Greece but is now more widely planted throughout central Italy. It is most famously used as a blending grape in the wines of Orvieto.

This wine is from a single vineyard called Poggio Della Costa. It is a small vineyard only 7 hectares in size. As well as the vineyard being small, Grechetto is not a prolific grower, so this wine has a very small production. It is completely hand made with the help of enologist Giandomenico Negro. The wine goes through a slow fermentation between 18-20 degrees Celsius allowing for full and natural maturation of its flavors. It is then aged on its lees till bottling in March. It can be aged for a few years but it is best fresh. The 2010 we are offering is drinking at its peak and goes well with Roman dishes like Pasta Cacio e Pepe, Pasta All'Amatriciana, or Carciofi alla Judea (fried roman artichokes.) As always, a little cheese couldn't hurt!

Lou Bergier Pichin
Piemonte, Italy

Made of raw cows milk aged at least 60 days, this cheese is a wonderful find. Creamy and delicious, is it made from a vegetarian rennet that comes from alpine flowers. The cheese's name literally translates to "man of the hunt" who is Nonno Magno, a local hero and grandfather of Mario Fiandino, the cheese maker's family.

Rare Snow Queen Nectarines

Expensive and rare, these little gems are hard to come by. Jessica Koslow, the girl behind Sqirl, does a great job in locating organic produce to produce this excellent truly artisan preserve.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Sergio Mottura Poggio Della Costa 2010 $20.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Lou Bergier Pichin $40.00*


  1/2 lb Lou Bergier Pichin $20.00*


  1/4 lb Lou Bergier Pichin $10.00*


  Sqirl Rare Snow Queen Nectarines 7.75oz $14.00 (currently out of stock)




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