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Weekly Pairing 7/9/2012

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Sauvignon Blanc
Happy Canyon of Santa Barbra
$35 for 750ml of goodness

A wine that is absolutely artisan, Jeff Fischer truly has his hands in this wine. Making under 150 cases, he has to be. Habit clearly represents what he thinks a great wine should be: Great fruit from great sources, balance and aromatic. His Sauvignon Blancs is one of the best around. Most likely the best Sauvivgon out of Happy Canyon as well. He also is a truly great guy, passionate enough to hand deliver his wine to us.

$5 per

Little Logs. Lots of flavor. Fresh, slightly gooey and wonderful with a glass of Sauvignon.

Something Salty...
$8 for 150g

Wonderful anchovy stuffed olives. Salty and wonderful.

Some of the items below require overnight shipping (marked with *)

  Habit Sauvignon Blanc 750ml $35.00 (currently out of stock)

  Būchettes (approx 2.68 oz each) $5.00*


  Serpis Anchoa 5.29 oz $8.00




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