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Weekly Pairing 5/21/2012

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Rosé of Syrah
Santa Ynez Valley

This rosé is definitely for the red wine lover. It is lush and has the mouthfeel of a red wine. Looking at the wine there is no suprise it is made from Syrah because it is so dark. In the mouth it is quite different. There is 10% Grenache adding some texture to its profile, and there is 10% Riesling giving it acidity, lighter aromatics and a freshness that complements it as a summer wine. It is moderate in alcohol and goes down quite well.

The winemakers behind Ampelos are one of the sweetest couples you'll meet in the wine world. Peter and Rebecca Work are green...not in the newbie sense as they've been winemaking for over a decade but they are certified sustainable, organic, and biodynamic.

My favorite part about their wines is their honesty. Nothing goes into their wines that is not local to them. They pretend to be nothing more than what they are, and their wines speak of the soil the grapes come from in Santa Barbara wine country. That's not only good wine, it's good wine making; unobtrusive and clean. The wines are a lot like Peter and Rebecca. There is no pretense of oak or massive amounts of alcohol. Everything is in balance.

Try the wine with grilled shellfish. It's a crowd pleaser, so drink it and share it with your friends. You'll like it!

Queso Romero

Encrusted with lard and rosemary, this little goat is aromatic and slightly sweet. Very moist and texturally smooth, the effect of the lard is prevalent in the cheese. Moisture stays inside. Plenty of goatiness for the goat lovers out there, and plenty of rosemary for those of you who love a little herb on your cheese. Enjoy with a nice chilled glass of Ampelos Rosé!

Grace & I
Fruit and Nut Press

Absolutely gorgeous! And they taste good too! A wonderful blend of figs, apples, almonds, pecans, and hazelnuts.

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  Ampelos Rosť of Syrah $20.00 (currently out of stock)

  1 lb Queso Romero $30.00*


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  Grace & I Fruit and Nut Press $14.00




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